June 2021 - present

HCI Researcher at Shaper Tools



Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
Research Area: Human Computer Interaction, Digital Fabrication
Dissertation: Lucid Fabrication
Advised by Eric Paulos


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Research Experience

May 2013 - June 2021

Summer 2018

PhD Research Intern, Siemens Corporate Technology
Advised by Florian Michahelles and Mareike Kritzler

June 2013 - March 2014

Undergraduate Researcher, Poly-Pedal Lab
Mentor: Chen Li. Advisor: Robert Full

January - September 2013

Undergraduate Researcher, Automation Science and Engineering Laboratory
Mentor: Ben Kehoe. Advisor: Ken Goldberg

June 2012 - June 2013

Undergraduate Researcher, Tennis Dynamics Laboratory
Advisor: Karl Hedrick

Refereed Publications

[7] Adroid: Augmenting Hands-on Making with a Collaborative Robot
UIST 2021
Rundong Tian, Eric Paulos

[6] Turn-by-Wire: Digitally Mediated Physical Fabrication
UIST 2019
Rundong Tian, Vedant Saran, Mareike Kritzler, Florian Michahelles, Eric Paulos

[5] MatchSticks: Woodworking through Improvisational Digital Fabrication
CHI 2018, Nominated for Best Paper Award
Rundong Tian, Sarah Sterman, Ethan Chiou, Jeremy Warner, Eric Paulos

[4] Tensions of Data-Driven Reflection: A Case Study of Real-Time Emotional Biosensing
CHI 2018
Noura Howell, Laura Devendorf, Tomás Vega Gálvez, Rundong Tian, Kimiko Ryokai

[3] MyPart: Personal, Portable, Accurate, Airborne Particle Counting
CHI 2016
Rundong Tian, Christine Dierk, Chris Myers, Eric Paulos

[2] Biosignals as Social Cues: Ambiguity and Emotional Interpretation in Social Displays of Skin Conductance
DIS 2016
Noura Howell, Laura Devendorf, Rundong Tian, Tomás Vega Galvez, Nan-Wei Gong, Ivan Poupyrev, Eric Paulos, Kimiko Ryokai

[1] Sensory Triptych: Here, Near, Out There
UIST 2014
Eric Paulos, Chris Myers, Rundong Tian, Paxton Paulos

Other Research Activity

Lucid Fabrication
UIST 2019, Doctoral Symposium
Rundong Tian

Turn-by-Wire Demo
UIST 2019, Demo Reception
Rundong Tian, Eric Paulos

How to build a low cost laser air particle counter, aerosol test chamber, and monodispersed particle generator.
Instructables 2016
Rundong Tian and Sarah Sterman

Teaching Experience

Spring 2021

Graduate student instructor, Technology and Design Foundation

Fall 2020

Graduate student instructor, User Interface Design and Development

Spring 2019

Graduate student instructor, User Interface Design and Development

Fall 2017

Graduate student instructor, Interactive Device Design

Spring 2016

Graduate student instructor, Critical Making

Invited workshop instructor
Introduction to Computer Aided Design: T-PREP, Summer 2019; Critical Making, Spring 2018; Des Inv 22, Spring 2016
Introduction to Photography and Documentation: Critical Making, Spring 2018



Portable airborne particle counting systems and methods
Rundong Tian, Christine Dierk, Chris Myers, Eric Paulos



Siemens Research Fellowship
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention



PhD Admissions Panel, Computer Science (HCI), UC Berkeley
Citris Invention Lab Superuser

Peer Review

25 reviews total
CHI 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021
UIST 2017, 2020, 2021 (Special Recognition for Outstanding Review)
DIS 2017, 2019 ("highly useful review"), 2020, 2021
TEI 2019, SCF 2019, IEEE Pervasive 2019, C&C 2021


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vedant Saran, Master's of Science, 2018-2019, project: Turn-by-Wire
Ethan Chiou, 2015-2017, projects: MyPart, CapsLoc, MatchSticks
Eric Liang, 2017, project: MatchSticks
Eric O'Neill, 2015, project: Sensory Triptych
Nick Firmani, 2015, project: Sensory Triptych

Computer and Cognitive Science
Tomás Vega, 2015 - 2016, project: Sensory Triptych

Mechanical Engineering
Juan Carrillo, 2020, project: Adroid
John Kuwata, 2015, project: Sensory Triptych


Physical Prototyping

Mechanical CAD/CAM: Fusion 360, Inventor, Inventor HSM, Solidworks, Rhino
Electrical CAD/CAM: Eagle, LPKF CircuitPro
Fabrication: CNC and manual turning and milling, waterjet, laser cutting, 3D printing, manual PCBA, woodworking, textiles, etc.


Web: Javascript, Three.js, HTML, CSS
Embeded: C, C++, ARM Mbed, Arduino
General: Java, Matlab, Python


Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, Premiere


Computer Aided Design and Fabrication
ME290D - Solid Modeling and CAD/CAM Fundamentals, Sara McMains
CS294-119 - Computational Design + Fabrication, Jonathan Bachrach

CS284A - Introduction to Computer Graphics, James O'Brien
CS284B - Advanced Computer Graphics Algorithms and Techniques, James O'Brien

EECS249A - Introduction to Embedded Systems, Edward Lee
ME102B - Mechatronic Design, Homayoon Kazerooni
ME290U - Interactive Device Design, Bjoern Hartmann
ME135 - Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems, George Anwar

Environmental Design
Architecture 259 - Tensile Bending, Simon Schleicher
Architecture 259 - Variable Property Design and Fabrication, Simon Schleicher
Environmental Design 11A, Paz Gutierrez; Environmental Design 1, Nicholas de Monchaux

CS miscellany
EE227A - Introduction to Convex Optimization, Laurent El Ghaoui
CS267 - Applications of Parallel Computing, James Demmel

Computer Science - Machine Structures, Data Structures and Algorithms
Engineering - Heat Transfer, Dynamic Systems and Feedback, Elementary Fluid Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

Other Employment

March 2011 - December 2013

Publication Assistant, New Student Services, UC Berkeley
Automated various repetitive web and print publishing tasks. Filmed interviews and photographed events for campus websites and publications.


Available upon request