Shorter projects and experiments

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TBW process
10 Oct 2019

Building the hardware for Turn-by-Wire, and preparing to transport it to the UIST 2019 Demo Reception.

ABK Always Be Knolling

z axis z-axis ways

Spindle and handwheel

belt drive 2-part belt drive pulleys for spindle

old circuit boards

demo unpacked at the demo

Mobile Shelving Pt. 2
03 Oct 2018

Making some more quick storage before the free wood runs out…

Contains: (1) pullout drawers for component storage, (2) top drawer for metal working tools, and (3) space for 3D printers


Drawer construction made much easier with undermount mount drawer hardware

Free bin casters and dado routing

No more shears

18 Feb 2018

I recently made a mitered frame to replace a pile of textbooks, using some prefinished plywood scrap.



Rather than making dimensioned drawings in CAD or by hand, I wrote an ordering of table saw setups and cuts that would yield a well fitting box, and the dimensions could be chosen as I worked with the physical material.

Decent miters, courtesy of a digital miter gauge. The face turned out better than the back.

multi-setup view

01 Feb 2018

Homemade (mostly) wooden hand plane

side view

throat view

multi-setup view Many setups, one bed

glue Alignment holes for glue-up

router table 5 second router table, to take some light chamfers

metal sole Waterjet steel sole, attached with fixturing tape

metal sole


12 Jan 2018

CNC for woodworking. Version 2.

A few pictures taken during the construction and assembly of MatchSticks.

After assembly


Very groovy X axis

very groovy gantry

End cap for aluminum extrusion Y axis

extrusion end cap

Plunge axis that couples to the X axis


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